My Energy Is...

What are three ways you can live into your energy? I’ll go first... My energy is grateful and kind... honoring my energy allows me to...

Money Talks

Some people will skip right over this article. Others will cringe and reluctantly click because even though society has conditioned us to...

I Am Strong

What are three ways you can affirm your strength? I’ll go first... I am stronger than the hard seasons... in them, I learn how resilient...

I Am Worthy

What are three ways you can affirm your worthiness? I’ll go first.. I am worthy of opportunities in my life... it’s not because I am...


Welcome to Rewriting The Narrative

Acceptance | Empowerment | Healing

Welcome to Rewriting The Narrative!
My name is Holly. I am an author, creative, mental health advocate, and freelance writer. 
I love having the opportunity to educate and empower my community through writing on wellness and encouraging us all to live the life we were meant to. 
Read on, and enjoy. Please drop a note when you can, I’d love to hear from you! 

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